Friday, March 9, 2012

Baseball parent shirts Shirts at $10

Order you parents League Shirt only $10/shirt. 
We request to order at least 12 Shirts/ Team, each team has to create their own design with 1 color print front and back.
You can use our website : Baseball Parent league Custom T-shirt Design

You can use our website to create parents shirts quick and easily. This is limited to design with roster design on the back.

Baseball parent shirts are available in several different colors, and color is the first decision that should be made prior to purchasing the shirt.  Since several companies allow the consumer to customize their own shirts.  Most would prefer a neutral color shirt, since it will match with any color of pants selected.  However, since these are casual shirts, they will most likely be worn with jeans, and in that case, any color shirt would be suitable.   Our list of colors are aviaalble Here . Light-colored shirts are ideal for warmer climates or for the summer months, and darker colors are great for winter and colder climates.  

Link to website

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